Analysis of the trees of Belfast

Analysis of the trees of Belfast

The work utilises open data provided by the Belfast City Council on the Open Data NI website Belfast Trees. I carried out an in-depth analysis of the trees of Belfast, applying graph theory, machine learning and statistical techniques.

Graph theory was used to describe the interrelationship between the species of different trees. This also gave insight into the biological classification of the Belfast trees.

Machine learning models (Random Forest and Neural Network) were developed to make predictions on what tree species is most likely to result from a combination of properties. It was also employed to group the species into clusters, according to shared similarities in certain properties and also to model the distribution of trees across the city. Although the predictive models created were not very accurate, the analysis propels one to be inquisitive about the connection between the nature of a tree and it's surroundings.

A 3D model consisting of all the trees in the city was created. The models shows the exact position of each tree and its height and surrounding.

In the course of this analysis, a few issues with the dataset was discovered and discussed. I hope that this article inspires people to be more curious about the world around you and to explore it further.

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