Welcome to the Open Data Portal for Northern Ireland

Digital NI

This portal has been developed by the Open Data Team as part of the Digital NI initiative. Digital NI aims to help establish a culture within Northern Ireland that develops and enhances Digital capability not just through interactions with Government, but also with local companies and throughout communities. Within government the Digital Transformation Service is facilitating this cultural shift through a number of methods, transforming Government services, making data open and available and encouraging and coaching those who lack digital skills.

It is recognised that opening up our data is the right thing to do in terms of transparency, accountability and efficiency of the Public Sector in Northern Ireland. It has the potential to encourage new commercial opportunities and drive economic growth and innovation across public and private sectors.

This Open Data portal has been created to facilitate easy access to Northern Ireland public sector data for both reuse and redistribution.

The Data

There are datasets available from across the public sector in Northern Ireland. The data that is available will not be of a sensitive or personal nature, but is the raw data that drives the public sector and its services. The data sets available can be used by people to build useful applications that help society, or investigate how effective policy changes have been over time.

Suggesting Data

You can submit suggestions for specific Northern Ireland Public Sector data sets (which are not yet published) through the portal by filling in the Suggest a dataset form on the website.

Working with data

If you wish to get involved in working with data further information is provided by organisations such as the Open Data Institute and the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Submitting Feedback

The Open Data team welcomes your feedback, your thoughts and suggestions can be submitted by emailing the team through the Contact form on the head banner of the website.