Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland

The Police Service of Northern Ireland produces statistics on the number of crimes reported to police in Northern Ireland. Statistics are published on a financial year basis and a comparable data series has been available since 1998/99. These statistics are collected in accordance with the National Crime Recording Standard (NCRS) and the Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR). Except for some differences in legislation, they are comparable with police recorded crime statistics in England & Wales.

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The statistics contained in these datasets reflect the number of crimes reported to and recorded by the police. To ensure consistency, police recording practice is governed by Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR) and the National Crime Recording Standard (NCRS). These rules provide a national standard for the recording and classifying of notifiable offences by police forces in England and Wales. Although the Police Service of Northern Ireland does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Home Office, the same recording practices are followed and applied within Northern Ireland. Crime recording quality assurance processes within PSNI are designed to minimise the level of missed crime and to ensure that the correct crime type is recorded. Please refer to the User Guide to Police Recorded Crime Statistics in Northern Ireland on the PSNI website for further information on data quality, caveats to be aware of when examining trends in police recorded crime data and the Northern Ireland Crime Survey as an alternative but complementary measure of crime: https://www.psni.police.uk/globalassets/inside-the-psni/our-statistics/police-recorded-crime-statistics/documents/crime-user-guide-updated-may-17.pdf

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Further statistics on police recorded crime are available from https://www.psni.police.uk/inside-psni/Statistics/police-recorded-crime-statistics/

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