OSNI Open Data: River Basin LIDAR 2009 - DTMs and DSMs

Terrain (DTM) & Surface (DSM) elevation models of river basins derived from airborne LIDAR survey systems. A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is a digital file consisting of a grid of regularly spaced points of known height which, when used with other digital data such as maps or orthophotographs, can provide a 3D image of the land surface. This data is typically provided in tiles of 1km x 1km, each containing elevations in a 1m x 1m grid. Tiles are grouped and can be downloaded by area as shown on the index ‘River Basin LIDAR-Coverage Map’. Data acquired in 2009 & 2010 also contains Point Cloud files, a closely spaced (0.2m) irregular grid of elevations from which the 1m x1m grids were derived. By download or use of this dataset you agree to abide by the Open Government Data Licence.

This data is not a supported LPS product, supporting documentation has been provided to assist / offer guidance on the data itself.

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Creation Date April 14, 2016, 12:11 (UTC)
Topic Category Elevation

The data was acquired over a ten year period to aid studies on flooding.

Approximately 14% of Northern Ireland is covered.

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