Invest NI Financial Offers of Support 2018-19 to 2022-23

Invest NI financial offers of assistance to businesses approved between the 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2023. Dataset includes information on an individual offer basis. For various reasons the details of some offers are not disclosed; therefore tables have also been included to show all offers in aggregate form.

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Creation Date November 13, 2017, 15:02 (UTC)
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The information in this file relates to offers of financial assistance to businesses approved by Invest NI between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2023. Additional information relating to Invest NI’s performance can be found on the Invest NI website - The fields contained within this file are: • Business Name; • Financial Year Offer Made – Invest NI’s financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March; • Total Assistance Offered by Invest NI – the amount of financial support that Invest NI offered towards the project; • Total Investment – the amount that the business plans to invest in the local economy as result of the supported project (includes Invest NI assistance offered); • Conditions of Offer – the type of business development activity that Invest NI’s assistance is supporting; • Jobs to be Created – the number of jobs the business expects to create as a result of the project being fully implemented; • Country of Ownership (when the offer was made) - country in which the ultimate ownership of the business resides; • Ownership (when the offer was made) – refers to locally or externally-owned (at least 50% ownership outside NI). A local firm can be bought over by an international businesses and vice versa; therefore, ownership can be local at the time of offer but the ownership now resides overseas, and vice versa; • Business Size - indicates the size of a business i.e. whether it is a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) or a large business with 250 or more employees (Non SME).; • Project Status – whether Invest NI support is for a new externally owned customer or a follow-on project in an existing externally owned customer or local company; • Constituency / Council in which business was located when offer was made – Parliamentary Constituency (PCA) / District Council Area (DCA) in which the business was located when the offer of support was made; • SIC Code / SIC Sector / SIC Description– the main industrial activity that the business is involved in – based on the UK Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) codes; and • Current HQ Address Details– address at which the business is currently located. This may differ from the address to which the original offer was made. For multi-location businesses this reflects the HQ address only. No current address has been detailed for businesses that have since ceased trading. It should be noted that: • Figures are provisional and may be subject to change; • Invest NI publishes provisional performance results on an annual basis. New information may become available following publication; however, results are frozen at the time of release and only revised when subsequent year’s results are published. This ensures that multiple versions are not available simultaneously and avoids confusion among stakeholders. In-year revisions will only be made if new information is deemed substantial; a decision on whether to make a revision will be made on a case by case basis; and • Data includes both projects that are specifically aimed at job creation and projects that are not. Only those projects aimed at job creation should be used in cost per job calculations. In line with data protection regulations certain information has been redacted, including: • Personal information, such as individual’s names and addresses; • Projects that Invest NI plans to announce publicly on a future date, as early disclosure may result in detriment to the customer or Invest NI; Figures may differ from official published data due to the following: • Some information has been redacted under data protection regulations as highlighted above; • In addition to the support offered directly to businesses contained in this dataset, assistance is also offered through External Delivery Organisations and universities towards projects or initiatives that will benefit businesses across the whole of Northern Ireland; and • Invest NI also offers support to businesses through the provision of advice and guidance in the form of workshops, events, trade missions etc. The value of this assistance is not included in the dataset. In order to provide a full picture of Invest NI support, data tables that aggregate both the published and non-published data highlighted above have been included on the Open Data portal. The tables have been broken down into several different variables.

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Additional information and summary tables relating to Invest NI support can be found on the Invest NI website.

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