NI Cycle Counters - Raw data 2011-2016

The attached data is the information held by the Department for Infrastructure, for cycling counters from 2011 to 2016. In 2016 the equipment was removed due to its age and unreliability.

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Creation Date October 24, 2017, 11:57 (UTC)
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This data is neither verified nor validated due to a lack of resources. For this reason the data is considered to have substantial errors and gaps.
The below is an explanation of the data being released.

The Summary sheet indicates where the counters were located.
For each site, the counter recorded a cycle passing this point and therefore is not necessarily a record of an individual’s journey. Each row shows the number of cycles passing in the hour following the time indicated, for example, 11:00:00 7,
indicates that 7 bicycles passed that point between 11:00 and 12:00. However, this does not necessarily mean that 7 individuals passed this point, as a person could pass the same counter several times on any one journey. At the bottom of each hourly record, is a summary indicating the following: 07-19, is the 12hr Flow from 07:00-19:00; 06-22, is the 16hr Flow from 06:00-22:00; 06-24, is the 18hr Flow from 06:00-24:00; and 00-24, is the 24hr Flow from 06:00-24:00.

AM Peak 11:00:00, indicated hour of highest flow AM (in this example from 11:00-12:00); Peak Volume 7, indicates volume during this highest AM Flow hour; PM Peak 15:00:00: indicated hour highest flow PM (in this example from 15:00-16:00); and Peak Volume 2, indicates volume during highest PM Flow hour.

To the right of each sheet, is the average daily flow for each hour for working days (Monday –Friday) and the average daily flow for the whole week (7 days).

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The Department is striving to install new bicycle counting equipment as new cycle infrastructure and other developments take place in Belfast Last year counters were placed at the junction of Upper Arthur Street/Alfred Street as well as College Street/College Square North. 3 new counters were also placed along the Comber Greenway at Beersbridge Road, Abbey Road and Comber There have been some technical issues with these counters to date due to external factors outside the Department’s control. Therefore there is no discernible data available to date. However, the Department plans to publish an annual report once a year’s data has validated and verified

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