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Land & Property Services (LPS) administers an application based relief known as Disabled Persons Allowance (DPA).
DPA is not means tested. It is an entitlement to a 25% reduction in rates for any household where both the following criteria are met:
- a person with a disability lives; and
- where the property has been adapted or has additional facilities added. The property must be adapted to meet the needs of a person with a disability who lives in the home. The types of adaptations that qualify are: - A room, other than a kitchen, bathroom or toilet, which is mainly used by the person with a disability for treatment or therapy.
- An extra kitchen for the person with a disability.
- An extra toilet for the person with a disability.
- An extra bathroom.
- Sufficient floor space to use a wheelchair easily. The information provided is at a point in time and the tables are updated annually.

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The information published in these tables is based on data held by Land & Property Services (LPS). The information is provided at property level at a point in time rather than at an individual person level as more than one disabled person could live in the property for which the award is made. The tables are updated on a yearly basis. The names and the alphabetical order of the District Councils relate to names as detailed currently in legislation.
As DPA is awarded through the rates bill, most of the allowance is awarded at the start of the financial year. As a result there is little change in the Net Amount of DPA awarded through the course of the year. The number of properties awarded DPA can go down, whilst the overall Net Amount of DPA awarded increases. This could be as a result of changes in the group of people qualifying for DPA and the associated value of the properties they live in.

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