Annual End of Year Rating Debt by District Council and Sector

This data presents the End of Year Rating Debt as at 31st March each year, as recorded on the Land & Property (LPS) rating system. Data is presented by District Council and by Property type.

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These tables relate to End of Year (EoY) Rating Debt values, and a count of occupancies* in debt at the 31st March each year, as recorded on the Land & Property Services (LPS) rating system. The information provided is at a point in time and the tables are updated annually.

An occupancy is counted as being in debt where there is an outstanding balance of more than £0 at the end of the rating year.

This data is provided by Domestic, Non-Domestic and overall totals. Mixed properties (a property that is a mix of Domestic and Non-Domestic) are included within the Non-Domestic totals.

It is important to note that the End of Year Debt figures include debts that cannot be legally enforced due to insolvency proceedings, ratepayers residing outside jurisdiction for legal action, as well as those ratepayers who continue to pay rating debt through agreed payment arrangements established through the rating year. LPS continues to pursue End of Year Rating Debt throughout subsequent rating years.

The totals included above are not adjusted for receipts at Year End which have been paid by ratepayers, but not yet allocated to a particular rate account.

*An occupancy represents a liable person, persons, business or organisation at a property at a given time.

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The data presented in this Management Information has been produced by statisticians within the Land & Property (LPS) Statistics Branch. Our statistical practice is regulated by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR). OSR sets the standards of trustworthiness, quality and value in the Code of Practice for Statistics that all producers of official statistics should adhere to, while the data presented is not an Official Statistic, the pillars of the Code of practice have been applied in the production of the data.

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