A26 Dualling LIDAR

The LIDAR data encompassed the 8km scheme area along the existing A26 carriageway.

The LIDAR survey was carried out to detect archaeological features such as the remains of roads, agricultural terraces, aqueducts, caves, fences and even boundaries between ancient neighbourhoods.

The raw LIDAR data is a series of points stored as X, Y and Z where X and Y are longitude; Z is the elevation in metres or feet.

The survey was carried out in October 2013 by Furgo-BKS Limited on behalf of Transport NI to inform the archaeological investigations.

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Creation Date October 24, 2017, 09:14 (UTC)
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  • Elevation
  • Environment
  • Location
  • Transportation

BKS Topographical LIDAR aerial survey carried out in October 2013 and data received from Survey company on in November 2013.

Frequency of Update Not Planned
Contact Name DfI, Northern Division, Strategic Road Improvements
Contact Email transportni.northern@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk
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