OpenDataNI site availability

September 5, 2022

Right from its initial launch back in November 2015, OpenDataNI has been something of a steady rock in a sea of change, looking and functioning the same now as it did from day one. In all that time, we hope that you, the OpenDataNI community, have enjoyed browsing, downloading and re-using our data, and that the site has made that a simple, straight forward and enjoyable experience.


That all said, we do try to move with the times and over recent months we have been busy working to bring a fresh new look to the site, and hopefully making it even easier for our users to find, access and re-use the data available.


Our new look OpenDataNI site is very nearly ready to unveil, and we plan to switch everything over on the morning of Friday 9th September. Of course, this is not a 'big bang' process and will take a few hours to complete, during which time (between 5am & 8am BST) OpenDataNI will be unavailable. We apologise for any and all inconvenience that this may cause, but once the switchover is completed, we hope that you'll agree that the changes made shall make using the site simpler, cleaner and friendlier for everyone visiting and using the site.