OpenDataNI Innovation & Outreach Fund 2021 - the tension builds....

April 2, 2021


Following on from the success of last year's Innovation and Outreach Fund, keen OpenDataNI-watchers will know that the Fund was launched in December with entries closing on 4th March.

Just as with last year's version, the Fund seeks to make awards to proposals in a number of categories: Category A - Supporting Innovative Use of NI government Open Data ; Category B - Advocacy of Open data, through Outreach and Engagement ; and brand new for this year, Category C - Covid-19 - its impacts and responses .

The Judging Panel convened earlier this week to consider the applications and general feedback was that there has been a really impressive range of applications, seeking to use data to gain insights into Health, Transport and also to promote transparency in government.  

The final results will be announced soon on all of the usual channels, (keep an eye on OpenDataNI and Department of Finance twitter feeds, as well as here at the OpenDataNI News section), so watch this space!