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The Northern Ireland Peatland map layer displays information from the NI Peatland Survey (1988) which mapped peatland vegetation at 1:20,000 scale for the whole of Northern Ireland derived from the interpretation of 1970s and 1980s aerial photographs.

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This data represents NIEA commissioned surveys and may not represent the entire extent of habitat or species across Northern Ireland. All blanket bog and lowland raised bog, lowland fen (only on peat) and wet woodland (only on peat). Coverage: Northern Ireland. Note: The digital dataset has a field titled CODE and the abbreviated code(s) is explained as follows: ac anastomosing channels acc intense anastomosing channels B site of bog burst Burning /Bn evidence of this in patchy vegetation C Calluna D diverse D-C diverse Calluna Dd diversity due to disturbance Dh diversity due to habitat dmb diverse mixed bog vegetation dr drained FL flushed ic incipient anastomosing channels Lh lagg of herbaceous vegetation M Moliniamb mixed bog vegetation old / o.c. old cutting pc pool complex Tr trees: (d) dense or (o) open.

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Published in 1988 using the most recent aerial photograph imagery available at the time (from 1970s and 1980s) Owner: NIEA

Authors - Cruickshank, M.M. & Tomlinson, R.W. (1988). Northern Ireland Peatland Survey. Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland (Countryside and Wildlife Branch). Belfast.

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